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December 01 2017

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At this Tapas-Bar we charged our Powerbank over Night and got a free breakfast. We can recommend it.

November 26 2017

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November 25 2017

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FlixBus from Carcassone to Barcelona
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In this mideaval tavern we left our bags to visit the town for six hours
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Lost place at private proverty at Narbonne - with asking for sleep place 😉
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November 20 2017

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Streetart Marseille - near the old port
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Camp near Villeneuve

November 18 2017

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Last path down to Marseille - we instinctly found the highest top, insane with tbackpacks...
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Start of the Callanques between Cassis an Marseille
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Marseille seen from the top of a high building

November 13 2017

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After La Ciotat we went over the Calanques to Cassis to Marseille and Avignon -in three days... therefore we take a day off on a river near Avignon

November 12 2017

Hey pals, tomorrow i take the time to post some sites of my diary, its unfortunatly in german, but i think you understand the route we take at lleast. Stay tuned,greetings from france ❤
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Sleeping on the rocks right next to the ocean...
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Washing clothes in Bangol FRANCE
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